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2020 FAll Program

Newhall Elementary Program Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-2:30pm
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Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley

In partnership with the Newhall School District, the Boys & Girls Club is providing services on the Newhall Elementary School campus Monday-Friday from 7:30am-2:30pm for Newhall Elementary students only, who need child support services, remote learning support, access to the school meal program, and fun engaging recreational activities.  Click HERE to REGISTER today. 

For additional childcare from 2:30-5:30 please register at RISE by clicking HERE.

All of the established social distancing requirements from the CDC, state, county, and local health departments are in place.  Both Club staff and children will be required to wear face masks.  Children will be grouped in “pods” that they will remain with throughout the program.  Our caring youth development professionals will provide the support your child needs to succeed through these difficult times.

Enrollment requirements:

  • Must be a student at the school.
  • Must attend Club program daily.
  • Must pay online in advance.
  • First come first serve.  Space is limited.
  • Parents & children must follow all established health guidelines
    • Wear face coverings
    • Maintain 6 feet distance
    • Wash hands frequently

 Cost for the program is on a sliding scale based on annual household income.  Depending on eligibility cost is $10, $25, or $140 a week.  Click HERE to check your eligibility. Income verification required.



Complete the online registration by clicking HERE.  Club staff will follow up to notify you of full enrollment.  Space is limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.


Complete the Parent Orientation by viewing the recorded video on YouTube by clicking HERE.  A link for a live virtual meeting with Club Staff and Parents will be sent out later.


Print, read, and sign our “Coronavirus Warning & Waiver” by clicking HERE.  (Click HERE for the Spanish version.)  Send the signed form with your child’s name and school to


For additional care from 2:30pm-5:30pm you must register with RISE by clicking HERE.


The program begins August 13th 7:30am.  Drop off will take longer than it has in the past as each child must be temperature checked and you must answer a parent questionnaire.  Per health department guidelines this must be done daily.  Please give yourself time as a parent or guardian must be present until the health check is complete.

Club staff will reach out if additional information is required and to inform you of any specific instructions regarding the program.

Club information  


Visit our page on our safety policies and practices by clicking HERE.


Learn more about our traditional programs by clicking HERE.

Parent Handbook

Learn about parent and member expectations by clicking HERE.

Parent Communication

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley uses the LiveSafe Mobile App as a communication tool between Club Staff and Parents.  The Club uses it to communicate with parents regarding programs and changes. Parents use it to communicate questions and concerns either anonymously or not.  Learn more by clicking HERE.

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